Board Member

23 years

Work Experience
Alexandra started her career 23 years ago as a Quality and Organisation advisor then she became Chief Marketing and Quality Officer from 2000 to 2005.
Later after succeeding in ISO Certification of an investment company as a Quality Director, she integrated the real-estate investment ecosystem  as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for over ten years.
In 2014, she joined a consulting firm as Senior Partner in business and corporate strategy, providing consultancy in EMEA business  development, customer relationship management and UX.
Her last mission in a top-leader crowdfunding-platform led her to Corum AM where she runs the BtoC fundraising department including the customer-care and compliance team.
She is skilled in Strategy, Productivity Management, Sales and marketing performance, Fundraising as much as driving operations.
Her disruptive approach of Customer-centric Experience through phygital processes and UX design make her the reliable ally of luxury, healthcare, real-estate and financial services companies… to optimize their ROI, develop their market share on existing or launching services and improve their value proposition.

Alexandra holds an  MBA with concentration in Finance, Strategy and Leadership from HEC Paris, a Financial Markets Specialist Certificate from the French Financial Markets Authority, an Advanced Certificate in Services,From customer life-time value to employee life-time value from the Arizona State University. She is a Biotechnology Engineer majored in Quality from the School of  Industrial Biology.

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