Board Member

29 years

Work Experience
Pierre has more than ten years of experience in multiple organizations, public or corporate, of managing the return on investment of new technology innovations. Currently, he leads the integration for the Government of Prince Edward Island, Canada, of a suite of healthcare software modules that help manage public sector health insurance programs. He was previously Technical Director of a French/American start-up developing a connected device for a real-time depression diagnosis service. He is a former French Army Colonel where he served for 23 years before integrating the private sector. Pierre has a lifelong passion for bringing disruptive IT solutions from labs to the industry.

Pierre holds an International Executive MBA with a major in Social Business, Strategy and Leadership from HEC Paris. He is also a graduate in Computer Science and Data Analytics from the Paris Tech ENSTA Engineering School and from the French Military Academy Saint Cyr.

Sport & hobbies
Pierre likes running, swimming and reading to keep his mind productive. He is married and has four children.

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